First blog post

Hello, So far for pokemon strawberry quartz, here is the story following the prediction of the game I have typed so far:

A long time ago, in the world of pokemon… there was a region known as the foresta region. In that region lived undiscovered pokemon. Scientists from the Johto region have traveled there to uncover all the pokemon, but apparently- a horrible accident had occurred on the way.

In the back of the plane engine, there were actually a group of pokemon thieves, hiding in the engine room. But, the scientists didn’t think to check before they were off.


It was around the evening, they finally arrived to the foresta region. It was covered in what seemed to be blue-ish, green-ish fields. Two scientists stepped out, onto the ground, and looked around. “Okay, no sign of any pokemon, let’s continue searching in another biome of the region.” Scientist A noted. “Sir, we have forgotten to check the engine before we left to the foresta region- would you like if I’d check the engine before we head off?” Scientist B replied. “Yes sir, go ahead and check- we will continue our research once you have completed that.” Scientist A responded.

Scientist B walked over to the back of the plane, and opened the engine- but surprisingly, the theives weren’t there, which he didn’t know there were thieves in the plane in the first place, so he shrugged and closed the engine, and  walked back around the plane and stopped in front of scientist A.


“Is the engine clear?” Scientist A asked. “Yes sir, it’s clear- the oil is fine, and no sign of life in there.” Scientist B replied. “Yes sir, thank you. We will start heading north of Foresta and stop at the forest. Then we will build a laboratory, and with the blueprints in the back of our plane, we can start constructing where we start our new region. From there, we will move interested citizens in and start constructing this into a new home.” Scientist A said in glee. A few more people stepped out of the plane, with the blueprint, which was protected in a glass frame. Meanwhile…

“Ey Fluorida! Yo, Ima call over the other grunts from Alola to get here!” A grunt said. “Yeah yeah, do that. I’m busy- and… I found out some punks decided to come to foresta region to build a city.” Fluorida responded to the grunt with an angry tone.